Photo of Matt Schlesinger

Matt Schlesinger

Matt Schlesinger represents policyholders nationwide in insurance coverage disputes and counsels clients on insurance-related issues. Legal 500 reports that Matt “has a depth and breadth of experience and is very sensitive to business needs.” Using a combination of litigation and alternative dispute resolution, Matt has cost-effectively recovered hundreds of millions for clients in a wide variety of hotly contested complex, multi-party cases. His clients range from Fortune 100 companies to smaller public and privately held entities, and include Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and individual professional sports entities and teams as well as large financial institutions and technology companies.

Matt has particular experience obtaining coverage under financial institution and other crime bonds for losses resulting from large, sophisticated frauds, as well as handling coverage for shareholder and customer-driven financial services related claims, including under directors and officers, professional liability, and specialty policies. He also has deep experience with first-party property damage and business interruption claims. Matt has also successfully handled cyber-liability, environmental and asbestos liability, intellectual property, and a range of other claims and coverage disputes and issues. He often is retained to help negotiate a resolution to the underlying matter, as well as the insurance coverage dispute.

Matt also actively consults on policy renewals, helping clients obtain the most favorable policy terms possible. He speaks, writes, and is quoted on insurance coverage issues and has co-chaired or participated in numerous insurance coverage conferences.

When a company learns it is the subject of a class-action lawsuit, insurance coverage may not be top of mind, but considering available coverage for the defense and resolution of the case should be a priority.  A variety of insurance policies may provide coverage depending on the underlying allegations, even if some of the allegations or relief sought present coverage challenges.  To ensure companies are taking full advantage of available coverage, and meeting any notice obligations under insurance policies, it is wise to dust off the applicable policies and consult with coverage counsel.

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